Current Openings:

Construction work is seasonal and job opportunities are limited due to weather conditions. In preparation for the upcoming construction season, fill out a skills survey and watch for training opportunities.

Native American Businesses: apply for contracting on local construction projects.

Native American Owned Construction businesses interested in working on construction projects on or near the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, can fill out a Native American Business Certification application.  Once Native American owned businesses are certified by the W.S. TERO Commission, they are eligible for contracting on construction projects through the W.S. TERO Office.

Download Native American Business Certification Form

Skills Survey:

Are you a Native American interested in construction work on and around the W.S. Reservation? Fill out a skills survey and let us know of your experience in construction work. We use the skills surveys to refer individuals to contractors looking for workers. After you fill out a skills survey, check in on a regular basis. Sign in sheets are located at the front desk of TERO/Construction office.

Please provide a copy of your Tribal enrollment card, valid driver’s license/CDL w/Current health card, current flaggers card and any other certifications that will assist you in gaining employment through the W.S. TERO Office.

FMI:(541) 615-0853 or stop by 4202 Holliday St Suite 1, Warm Springs, Oregon.

Let Us Know of Your Experience in Construction Work.

Fill Out the Skills Survey